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GT6 Gear Stick gator - chrome finisher


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Hi all

My GT6 Mk2 (non overdrive) has a chrome gear stick with a faux leather gator, finished at the top by a small chome ring - through which the gear stick emerges.

The gator is sewn onto the gearbox cover carpet - which I presume comes with all replacement carpets(?)  However,  I'm wondering if replacement carpets come with this chrome finisher or if my car is unusual in having the finisher as I can find no pictures of anything similar, except as attached (an original Mk1).

I managed to slightly damage mine so I am either looking for  replacement or I'll have to have it rechromed.

As usual, all advice much appreciated.



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The carpets come without any sort of gaiter. Yours looks in fairly good nick so you may want to carefully unpick the stitching and transfer it. Mine was... less good, so I made a new one from a piece of vinyl cut from the back of the black driver's seat I had for my Spitfire, which I knew I was going to re-cover in biscuit. It's not an especially hard thing to make, although I deviated from the original shape somewhat.

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