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Gearbox cover seal


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Hello All,

What is the current wisdom regarding the gearbox cover seal? I'm planning on using some closed cell foam strip with adhesive backing, but wasn't sure on the width and thickness I should be going for. My initial thoughts were 20mm wide and 6mm thick........thoughts?


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i    would echo   10mm or more 

i often cut strips from a slab of 25mm dunelm upolstery  foam  it squashes up well and seals some of the right wonky gaps especially at the baulkhead

tacked in place with spray carpet adhesive   to keep the air out its not overly important its closed cell  


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2 hours ago, SixasStandard said:

I will look for the thickest I can get!!


I'd make 10mm about your max; if you start going way above that the bulkhead locating points will not be in line with the transmission tunnel holes.

Have sent you a PM as I have some left over.................................................. and you can see what it looks like 😁 !!



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