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Seat Slides

Black Cat

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I'm in the process of refurbishing my seats and was looking to slip the runner part of the seat base out to give it a clean and re-grease it so it slid better.

Can some tell me how these come out. Should I flatten or grind down the pressed stops or is there another way to remove them.


Seat runners..jpg

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the stops are punched in so you might flatten them back to withdraw the slides but a good spray of brake cleaner and a squirt of grease usually makes them slide better

and use a spacer under the fixing so the carpet doesnt bow the runners when tightend down


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There are actually small rollers inside these; if you squint down them you may be able to see them. They have rubber 'tyres' round them and if the tyres have come off them it's metal to metal and harder to slide.

As Pete says good grease will help as will adding spacers to lift them off the carpet.


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I ended up grinding the stops down and sliding the bottom runner out. Removed all the moving parts and gave it a really good clean and painted it with some chrome spray paint I had and they have come up really well.

Your right about the rollers, there are two each side, mine are nylon with rubber rings around. Next step is to reassemble them and grease up the tracks and all should be fine.

Hopefully will be ordering new foam and leather seats covers from Park Lane this week so that will give me something else to do at home.

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Did a bit more repair work on the seats today, they had snapped off where the bottom part of the frame was welded to the back of the frame on one side, a common problem with these seats.

I ordered two lengths of steel tubing, one to slide into the original seat base tube from the back to the front and another which would fit over the inner steel tube and was about the external size of the original base tube, had to modify the underside to reproduce the flat section at the end then welded it up. Just need to clean up the welds and give it a couple of coats of paint.

This is going to be a lot stronger than when the seat came out of the factory. Also welded a plate on the bottom horizontal rails as this had come away and had previously been welded but not very successfully.

Seat Repair (1).jpg

Seat Repair (2).jpg

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