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Mk3 Spitfire: Soft top frame chafing seats

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The seats on my Mk3 Spitfire aren't particularly good so I'm probably going to have them refurbished.  Before doing so, I'd like solve a soft top frame chafe problem.

The frame seems to chafe with the seat at all times, with the top up or down. The process of putting the top up and down also seems prone to damaging the seats unless it's done by two people taking a great deal of care. Is there a knack for doing this that I've yet to learn?

The attached picture shows the frame proximity to the seat from a couple of views.

Many thanks in advance.

Edit: added pictures


Seat Hood Down View From Behind.jpg

Seat Up Top View.jpg

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i don't have a Spitfire at present but I'm assuming your seats are as far back as they will go? The further backwards they slide, the closer they get to the B post and hood frame until as you've found, they rub. Can you move them forwards any, at all, and still drive comfortably? The only other alternative would be to make some kind of barrier or shield to keep them apart - this was something I noticed on my TR7; the frame had a plastic well into which it dropped and so was kept away from the seats. Any other Mk3 owners found this problem?

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It's a very common problem, not only with Spitfires. Anyone who needs to adjust the seat more than halfway back on its runners is at risk of chafing the seat corner on the hood frame.

Over the years, the seat back will bend making matters worse. No doubt you've already checked that the hood frame hasn't been inadvertently bent inwards.

On my TR6, I've cut a thin strip of 1/4" plywood and put it under the outside rail on each seat subframe, bolting through the strip of wood. This obviously tilts the tops of the seat backs in towards the centre of the car. It's barely noticeable when seated but does give a little extra clearance from the hood frame.


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Mine chafe exactly as you describe. I was really annoyed (putting it mildly) the first time I folded the hood after the rebuild and snagged the brand new seat cover. Now I always tip the seats forward when folding the hood.

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