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Oypla Siphon


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Has anyone any experience of this device ( comes up on a net search)? Claims it is possible to siphon engine out out via the dip stick tube thus negating the need to get underneath and remove the drain plug etc..

Also, I seem to remember that recently on the forum there was discussion regarding a siphon/pump that could be used to pump oil into the gearbox. I’ve searched about but can’t find it so perhaps I’ve dreamt it, if not, if anybody can point me towards it I’ll be grateful.

Finally, I’ll also be grateful for any hints and tips of proven aids/techniques to ease  the oil changing chore.




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I referred to one of these in the GT6 oil thread:


LIDL sell them for between £11.99 and £14.99 depending on the current offers; I have a mate with a breaker's yard who uses them for brake fluid draining plus oil draining through the dipstick. I used one recently for topping up diff and gearbox oil and had no problems; it just runs off a spare battery.

The only problem with draining engine oil through the dipstick is that you're never sure if you've got it all, as you can never tell where the end of the pipe is in relation to the sump, but it'll get the majority out and the thinner the oil the faster it pumps, so hot oil works better but softens the pipes so you have to make sure they don't soften to the point of collapse. It will drain the diff too if you need to change the oil and can allegedly - never tried it - be used for bleeding brakes, but you need to keep a tight eye on the master cylinder fluid level.

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Personally I prefer to use the time honored method of remove drain plug and drain oil.
On my current VW Amarok I have fitted a Fumoto valve, as I did on the Range Rover and Discovery before. With a hose on the end they are great for directing the oil into a tray instead of down the chassis or suspension.
Probably not a viable option for the small chassis Triumphs due to lack of space.
IIRC JohnD had a wee bit of cardboard origami to stop it running down the chassis on the Triumphs. 
When draining the oil you can see what it coming out the bottom of the sump ie sludge, metal etc that you wont always see with a siphon.

My pump used to get used a lot by mates with boats draining sumps and me for filling gearboxes and diffs but these days I use a 500ml syringe for those jobs as its a lot less messy.

Just my two cents worth.



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I brought one to do my daughters Commodore (aus) oil change as its a pain removing the sump plastic guard too big and too many bolts and  requires too much clearance!

unfortunately the hose was too big to fit down the dip stick tube, its sprung wire about 1/8in dia Bu***R! The pump wasn't dear $20 and I'll use it somewhere.

Could have used it when I  broke a swimming pool 2in filter ABS return line, there were 8No. 2in pipes bound together (clever plumber) the one I broke was in the middle, I had to drain the pool down 12in below all the outlet and inlet filter & solar pipes! Try replacing a length of pipe  in a fixed straight pipe it needs two right angle bends at each end and enough removed pipe to be able to spring the new dog legged pipe in before the solvent glue sets! Why did the pipe break a blonde moment I drove a steel spike accidently thro it, now I know where the pipes are now!!!


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