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Fox turning 42 years


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Well.. today 42 years ago (28/06/1978) my Spitfire named The Fox was build in Coventry.

2 Days later she arrived at 'British Leyland Industries Belgium' in Seneffe - Belgium (got documents from Seneffe).

Normally every year that I can , I take her back to BL.

We took for once no motorways... ok,ok.. 3min :P

but found very nice roads !


so.. Happy Birthday Fox !





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17 hours ago, Badwolf said:

42.. is, of course, the answer to 'life, the universe, and everything'

For some of us it (they) were.  For those of a mechanical bent 4 gas turbines and on both Olympus (same as Concorde) 25,000 shaft horse power and 22 yards to the gallon.



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