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Mk111 Spifire Hardtop Headliner fitting


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I have the headliner, all clipped out ready to start gluing. Read the article in the Triumph DIY restoration book by Peter Williams and also an excellent article for fitting to a TR6 written by an American. Neither of these are specific to a Spitfire Mk111.

Does anyone have any other articles, with pictures that I may refer to that cover my car.

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You may find some tips on this forum..


..starts towards the bottom of the page. There is also this one..


(again down the bottom) .. which is interesting as the made up headlining which was supplied was wrong and another was made up from spare fabric. Worth a read, but you may have to do a bit of searching around the thread pages,

Hope this helps a bit.

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Where did you get the headlining? Is it a taylored one with sleeves for the rails?

I'd like to resurect my hardtop one day and it certainly needs a new headlining.

Funilly enough I've just done the one on my Mini. If its a vinyl one a hot air gun is a big help to get it to stretch, and you need clamps, clamps and more clamps. I used bulldog clips. Atleast with the Spitfire you don't have a 'B' post with a door opening one side and a window the other,

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I am in the same situation, but will probsbly never get around the sorting out my hard top. However Pete Lewis mentioned recently that he had some headlining fabric which he may want to sell on. Do a quick search, or, he will probably pick up tbese posts.

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2 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

funny how you keep stuff for years and suddenly find its useful  Ha !

Adrian....there's no commission  ha !

You should sell your headlining on EBay , it would sell well 


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