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1966 Vitesse Mk1 1600 Starter Solenoid

martyn wright

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Hi All,  As I am rebuilding the Vitesse!  a year or so ago I had a good deal on a new Solenoid which was a square style SRB325 (recommended for the car)?   My Vitesse at the time was in a garage so I could not check the part!  I am now putting it back together and found that the Solenoid on the car is a small round type?  on checking the diagram on Canley Classics Site it shows a 121269 Solenoid which doesn't look like the one in the car?  Mine doesn't have a push-button on it? - Ref my last Paragraph!!!  Just rechecked the Solenoid!  It is 121269 with a Button!  It had been painted all Black!  Will the SRB325 be a direct replacement or do I go and buy another 121269??  Sorry!

Any Ideas?


cheers Martyn

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you will find it hard to source a button  solenoid  they disapeared too many years ago from the normal parts  scene but 

you can from places like https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/remote-starter-solenoid-with-manual-button?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1OvV6YX66gIVFWHmCh1joQLiEAQYBCABEgL8xvD_BwE

at the end of the day the non button replacement is fine 

i repositioned mine to sit on top of the baulkhead pedal panel as tucked down near the starter and exhaust is not the best place 


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Two points a friend who has a varied fleet of classics (20) was recently rebuilding a TR4 and needed a new rubber boot for the round solenoid, being a magpie I keep all sorts of rubber/soft plastic boots grommets & I found a similar grey plastic boot that fitted perfectly but for security we cable tied it on into the body groove & even painted it black, everybody's happy.

Secondly the later square solenoids don't have a red push remote button but you can retain the remote starter function by drilling a small hole in the solid plastic raised section where the button was, then you can push a small plastic rod in and push and either leave the rod in place or remove and cover the hole with a bit of tape after use. That's what I have on the Vitesse using a small red plastic style button thro the hole, our Spit if I remember correctly has the round solenoid with modified new plastic cover, these grey covers came off some old household appliance I stripped for usable parts.

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