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GT6 MK3 bonnet fit meant

Alex Lowe

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Hi all. 

im having trouble with the fit meant of my Gt6 bonnet. Having repaired the bonnet and replaces many panels on it iv come to putting it back on to there car and found my panel gaps over all are good. But one big problem. The wings are sticking out on both sides when they get to the wheel arch as can be seen in the photo and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to resolve this so any suggestions would be really helpful. 


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Some tugging and bending almost certainly required but here's a couple of suggestions to go along with that and which might minimise the bending required.

- Confirm, in principle that the bonnet is going to fit ok. Using light weight ratchet straps or inelastic cord make a lasso to go right the way round over the bonnet and under the car in a ginourmous loop. Then press packing (e.g. polystyrene) under the strap in sticking out areas. If light packing improves the shape then you know you are on  a winner.

-If not already done use the available adjustments to maximum effect. a) Bonnet location cones: Move inward as far a reasonably possible. This will tend to tension the the bonnet top and may throw the lower edges of the wings inward (by a bit). b) Bonnet catch striker plates. The vertical position of these affects how much the lower wing edges are drawn in. Try various positions. c) Bonnet catch striker plates again: Shimming under the strikers (1, 2, 3, 4mm) may (depending on other factors) draw the lower lip inwards (by a bit).

Another exploratory thing to look at it the relationship between the bonnet hinge tubes and the inner wheel arch. For example: Slacken but don't remove the middle bracket and remove the 1/4 inch screws from the rear bracket (at the apex of the wheel arch). With the bonnet in 'down' position push the wing edges into alignment with the sills (or use lasso as above). If the holes move out of alignment with the weld nuts on the bracket there may be scope for the holes to be elongated so that the wheel arch is tugged  further inward (a bit) .

I'd doubt that above suggestions would avert the need for some bending but they may reduce the problem and give some insight into where cautious bending is best applied.

Hope that helps (a bit!)

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