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Worn out front springs?

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Just working through making the list of winter jobs on my mew to me Spitfire.  When I bought it one of the things I noticed was it looks like the front springs are past there best.

The rear of the car looks to me to be about an inch higher, certainly the rear of the sills are higher than the front by about 1.75 inches.  Assuming they should be parallel to the ground?

Front springs look really compressed, about 7.25 inches long and not much space between the coils.  I dont think they are uprated springs.

Think I might be putting new springs on over the winter months.  

Car has had a new rear spring in the past.  Not sure if the back sits a little high.

What sort of length would standard normal springs be when on the car?

Any advice welcome!

compressed front right.jpg

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After I bought my car, 5 years old in 1978, I discovered a broken leaf spring. The PO had a boat TO big for the car and the bouncing up and down had broken the rear spring.

Once replaced the car looked like a prototype TR7. Took off the front springs and they were 2” shorter than the new ones.

They old were factory original. The PO was a car abuser and the springs were completely buggered from bouncing up and down with the boat.

Replaced the springs recently and after 40 years, no difference in length.

Never buy a car with a tow bar!



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