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  1. Really enjoying this thread. Hope the build is going well even in this hot weather. Follow this link for some inspiration https://www.instagram.com/p/CRZ1SOmsWVi/?utm_medium=copy_link Good luck
  2. andybeau

    Flat EV

    Iain you can change the battery, it's just a bit fiddly. There are YouTube vids on it, but not as easy as it should be. Same with small laptops and tablets.
  3. This sounds like a great idea
  4. I've had a lot of other Fords as well. In my defence I was Ford trained (no brain, according to the graffiti on the bog walls)
  5. I love Capris, sorry. Had nine, 2x 1300 2x 1600 2x 2000 2x 3000s 1x 3000 Ghia The last one 3.0ghia had the "handling pack" two bars either side from diff to leaf springs. It did make a difference. Wish I had not let that one go. For reference 3litre Essex engine 138bhp top speed 123mph 0-60 8.6s
  6. Well I liberated my Herald from Mansfield and took it safely back to its birth place in Coventry back in 2012.
  7. They bite and I was wearing gloves.
  8. Just tried from main site and works, but not from downloads on forum Thanks Pete for that suggestion
  9. It was a very interesting article and enjoyed all the photos.
  10. Four door article link below. Good read https://www.maronline.org.uk/four-door-heralds-and-gazels-in-the-uk-and-india/
  11. No not powered but works a treat. My head unit has setting for powered or non powered.
  12. I bought this one https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B077GMM5G9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_QZD9M39DG4NEFEXAEE5B?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Much better than using those windscreen aerials. Been in van since January and very good reception.
  13. That really is bad. I've been programming robots for over 20 years and you usually only see knocks while commissioning. The odd forgotten collision zone. Small stand alone cells are nice, I just wish some big OEMs would go with that instead of insisting on plc control because that's there spec 🙄
  14. Kuka robots state of the art, more like over complicated, get ABB or even better Kawasaki. The only people I know who like Kuka are the ones that that was there first robot, horrible things
  15. DHL is Drop it Hide it Lose it, or Dirty Horrible Layabouts
  16. People need to remember MOT exempt doesn't mean road worthy exempt. I've been looking for a daily driver and there are a lot of classics for sale, even from dealers with no MOT as they are exempt! I have passed on those. I would always put a classic through an MOT, the advantage to me is I can be late getting it, but not too late. Better to be safe than sorry.
  17. Aceparts_uk from eBay for the front and Autokoraltd for the rears also eBay (rears due 19th)
  18. Well the fronts have arrived, Monroe made in Poland. Quality looks good, hopefully they will last. Just waiting for the rears to arrive now. Thanks for all the input 👍
  19. I know, but what the hell I'm retiring next year so will keep me busy. Although feel retired now with furlough, brilliant 🤭
  20. Well if I don't find anything, it could be a road trip 😃
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