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  1. It's odd when you're looking at something and a word or phrase seems to jump off the page... Westcliffe on Sea features in the history of my Spitfire, namely the Southend Motor and Aero Co. Ltd. I've never been able to find any information or photos of it unfortunately but would love to be able to see what it was like.
  2. derekskill

    Spark plugs

    Some feedback regarding this thread... I've finally got round to fitting a set of W7DTC's and have to say there IS a noticeable all-round improvement. First off, I was able to push the choke in quicker after setting off, no engine "hunting"; the car is definitely smoother, it pulls better and tickover is smoother too. Well worth doing and thankyou all once again for the advice. The other point to make is about "The Green Spark Plug Company ", absolutely brilliant to deal with, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, outstanding service!
  3. derekskill

    Spark plugs

    Spot on, thankyou Iain, Nigel and all, for your replies! It will be interesting to see how this works out, it's certainly worth a try. Derek.
  4. derekskill

    Spark plugs

    P.s. scrapman, do you regap them or just fit them as they are, please? They look as though regapping would be tricky!
  5. derekskill

    Spark plugs

    Thankyou one and all for all the advice, very much appreciated! The gspark website is fantastic, I've ordered a set of W7DTC's to try and I've finally found a supplier for an oddball size for a 2-stroke strimmer belonging to 'Er indoors. (She bought it at B+Q but surprisingly they don't stock any spares.) Derek.
  6. WHAT possesses people to do THAT to a poor old Spitfire? You wouldn't want to take it out on the public roads in daylight, surely? I suppose the big advantage would be that no-ones going to nick it...
  7. derekskill

    Spark plugs

    Very interesting thread this and they do look interesting but I can't decide whether to go for the R type or not... 🤔 Derek
  8. derekskill

    Spark plugs

    Nigel/Nick, I have been considering these for a while but the listings on ebay are a tad confusing, suitability, pricing etc. Without trying to put you on the spot, do you have a supplier you can recommend please? I would probably prefer the Bosch although NGK are sound. Thankyou! Derek.
  9. derekskill

    Spark plugs

    Would you recommend these for a Spitfire 1500, Nigel? Derek.
  10. You've started summat here, Badwolf!
  11. Meet Chloe, our rescue cat. The lower photo is the one Cat's Protection used to find her a home. Now 3 years old, lovely cat, growls at the postman though...
  12. derekskill

    Maxxis Tyres

    I've used Maxxis tyres on 3 cars of mine and 2 belonging to 'er indoors now and haven't had any problems at all. Grip, noise, balance and wear rates are excellent. There's also a free puncture repair deal with them too. I do enjoy, err, spirited driving...
  13. Hello, I've just checked the handbook and it says to turn the knob clockwise to zero the mileometer, I'm sure I've seen a label or whatever though that says only to turn it that way, my apologies if I've got it wrong! Derek.
  14. Off the top of my head, I'm sure there's a n instruction somewhere in the handbook (?) that it must only be rotated in one direction to avoid damage to the speedo...
  15. Hello and thankyou for your thoughts on this. Pete, you're absolutely right about stopping the car getting nicked in the first place. Ang and Paul, yeh I suspect it won't make a difference to the insurance premium and yes, apparently it has a sim card with it. Why I was attracted to it, (apart from being a gadget in a box) they do say it is subscription free. I did a spell on a jury service a couple of years ago and met a guy who had a business where his vans had trackers fitted. He showed me his laptop one lunchtime, 2 of his vans were doing 100mph on the motorway, he phoned them up and gave
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