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Assembly Lube


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I am about to pickup my freshly machined engine and head from the machine shop, and start reassembly.

The bores and pistons are standard, but all of the bearing shells are being replaced, again standard.

The rest of the car is at least 12 months away from being drivable, and therefore the engine will be laid up, with just a regular turning.

Consequently what are everyone’s thoughts on the use, or not, of assembly lube?

Thanks in advance.


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I used Grapoghen paste and also new Engine oil on certain parts (Cylinder Bores & Pistons/Rings) when rebuilding my Triumph Six for my Vitesse as recommended in a Practical Classic write up on rebuilding the Triumph Engine

I also used Piper Cam lube for the new Camshaft and Followers

Try and store the engine in a dry place and as Pete suggests seal up all the Inlet/exhaust ports


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8 hours ago, Bordfunker said:

Thanks all!

That sounds like an overwhelming vote for Graphogen then.

I notice that it’s sold in 50g and 125g packs, would I be better off going with the larger for a full rebuild?



You just know that a tube of 50g is not going to be enough and that you will be left with 80g if you buy the 125g pack :) 

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