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Triumph Herald 1147cc Fuel Tank


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Hello everyone, and all good wishes for 2023.

My petrol tank is leaking and have drained it and taken it out.

Can anyone help with:
Plan A  refurbed or good 2ndhand tank

Plan B  Lining it with something - I seem to remember Demon Tweeks do a product - has anyone used it/is it any good?

Plan C   Any other suggestions



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new tanks are avilable  eg  td fitchetts  

have you found a local radiator /tank repairer     ( search yellow pages etc)  we have one in Luton charge around £140 

eg  radiator repairer luton - Search (bing.com)

internal sealing products    can work or become another nightmare if the process fails to adhere properly  

there are mixed views on using a sealer and also depends on how bad is the leak area 



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they do have a web site but it operats via club HQ and TDF are selective about whats on it  

Clives right a phone call and man in brown smock rolls the card index and walks down the wharehouse rows of racked parts and brings it to the counter 

here is a link to the website   Triumph Parts And Spares - From T.D. Fitchett Limited (tdfitchett.co.uk)

no tanks showing but they are listed in the TDF advert in the courier mag .

note fitchetts probably supply most of the main parts dealers as they have the press tools 



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6 minutes ago, clive said:

They are best contacted by phone. Huge supplier/manufacturer of Triumph stuff, but quite old fashioned.

01952 610519



i used frosts tank liner  expensive though it worked . You must follow the instructions to the letter .

I would go for Rust with slosh . Rust has a good reputation 





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17 hours ago, raygeorge said:

Can you send me the name and address of your Luton repairer.


auto rads  
Portland Road 141, Luton LU4 8AY 
i would give them a call and check they still do fuel tanks            but there must be some places closer to you  
marks 948 tank will fit /the same     13/60 has the larger vitesse tank   
fitchetts only make the herald sized tank.
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