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Choke cable

Paul Amey

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23 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

James Paddock appears to have them:


Unless that's not close to the original, or there's some particular part you require? 

 Yes, James Paddock have it listed but the system won't let an order be placed as they are out of stock.  Rimmer's are also quoting back order on the item.  I really want to put the right choke cable on (mk1 Vitesse 2.0 litre)

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1 hour ago, Colin Lindsay said:

I think Paul wants the original with correct knob? I have a few of them second-hand but need to know what the original correct one is like so I can compare; most of mine are ex-Herald.

Thanks for your reply Colin. Yes, I'm after the original factory fit choke cable. The car came to me with what looked like a 1980's Marina/ Allegro style cable on it.

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Also be aware the chrome rose nut that holds the choke push/pull to the dash come in different sizes ie OD and dependent on the switch/push/pull control they have different threads too.

I recently built up a Spit Mk2 Heater Valve push pull/on off control using an old Triumph Choke control with detachable knob, it reqd the new aftermarket generic choke cable outer sheath and inner cable to be soldered into the respective parts of the Triumph push pull assemblies. I also had to change the sign in the knob from a choke to heater matrix, this only requires the plastic lens to be prized out of the knob and the thin alloy pic disc to be changed then reassembled. Daughters very happy BUT when in Aus is she going to use the heater esp when she lives up the coast near NSW!!! I do as I'm told!

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