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Which Soft top will fit my non original spit MK2 window frame?


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I have bought 1965 MK2 1200cc from a guy that replaced the windshield frame because the original one was too rotten.

I don't know from which Spitfire model that new frame belong to.

Now I would like to buy new soft top but I'm afraid the original MK2 model soft top locks on the top windshield frame are not the same as the one I have on the new frame.

I'm attaching pictures of the unknown new frame top that I have.

Which soft top will fit?


Thanks. image.thumb.jpeg.b3a875fea7ef4c5c03c2587cef34e19a.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.98ae3ea824dd3a8142c201b3cf99287d.jpeg


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I believe the capping on a mk1 &2 allows for the front edge of the softop to tuck under. 

What I remember with my 1965 spit which I owned over 50 years ago, there are flat metal in the front of the hood that tucks into the he groove. Long one in the middle and 2 small ones at the corners.

You need to make sure it's the right screen capping. 


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Unfortunately the answer to your question is ‘none’… Right now you have a later Mk3 Spitfire (or TR4-6) windscreen frame. As others have mentioned you need the right capping, part 806189, https://www.canleyclassics.com/?catalogue=triumph-spitfire-mki/ii&diagram=triumph-spitfire-mki/ii-body-mouldings-tonneau-cover-details-and-hood-assembly is available. But do you have the soft top frame and the clips (number 8 in the link) that fit to the rear deck? The frame won’t be too hard to find second hand, in the U.K. at least, but the clips are hard to get. 

Fitting a later mk3 style folding hood is not impossible, but it would require a lot of work and modifying the body.

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According to the Rimmer Bros site, all three Round Tail Spits (Spitfire 4, Spitfire 4 mkii and MKiii) ALL use the same Windscreen frame - part number 714767.

The Spitfire 4 and Spitfire 4 mkii use the same capping - part number 806189. 

The Mkiii has a different capping, and it then varies according to early or late chassis number, and from the photos it looks like yours is fitted with a 714429 capping.

Theoretically, it should be possible to "convert" your car back to the Spitfire 4 mkii hood by changing the capping, and fitting the other relevant parts.

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The daughters 66 Mk2 Spit has the original removable roof and hood sticks, I looked at and acquired the parts to convert to a folding Mk3 hood, BUT gave up because of the metalwork necessary to mount the 3 bolt mounting flange (each side), this requires major work to the inner cockpit B post to get the angle as well as the adjustable 3 bolt mounting ie new panel work, to much surgery required.

Ref the original Mk2 removable soft top, I replaced the windscreen glass rubber seal (by a professional) and the aftermarket seal rubber was thicker than the original so much so that the metal strip that's in the soft tops front envelope wouldn't fit between the alloy top cover strip and the windscreen rubber, so I had to space the cover strip to windscreen frame out a little using a washer between then pop riveted through the 3, ie top cover, washer, windscreen frame, the gap between was also protected with Denso Wrap to stop water ingress.

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You will need to replace the aluminium capping with the one from a mk1-2 as the front of the hood tucks under the front. You will also need the rear stiffener which clips into the hood clips and the 3 stiffeners for the front (available for tr4 surrey top) unless you have these already and you will need to fit 2 male poppers to the outside edge of the screen capping

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