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Spitfire Mk 3, accelerator spring


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Quick question. Spitfire Mk 3 (Twin SUs) in addition to the 2 return spring on the carbs the accelerator lever has a return spring with an extension link wire (136979). Where does the bottom end of this hook? I've got min in a hole in the front chassis outrigger, this this correct?

I could really do with a bit more tension for the pedal movement.

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My Vitesse Mk2 is the original set up and parts and the spring tension is maintained with a steel rod/wire ( old cloths hanger thickness ) with a eye at one end that the spring hooks into and a U bend at the bottom that hooks over the lip in the sump, it goes between the starter and engine block. Crude bit of Triumph engineering but works 

Interestingly the rod/wire has a Z shaped dog leg in its length I assume so you can adjust its length and get the spring tension you need/want

Pic can be supplied if necessary

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Hooked under the sump rim is slacker than the outrigger hole, so plan B, bend the link wire.

I'm trying to tighten up the accelerator pedal to stop my foot bouncing on it at part throttle going up a rather rough single track local hill.

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