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Spitfire Brake servo


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I am considering fitting one the brake servo kits you can get for the Triumph Spitfire. Mine is a mark 4 single circuit master cylinder. The kits that are around £80.

I realise it does not improve braking performance but because I tow a caravan I thought it might make the pedal a bit easier when towing.

My question is how does the thing plumb in not really the  the brake pipes more the vacuum side do you have to drill the inlet manifold or is there somewhere to take the feed from.

Has anyone fitted one of these kits your advice would be helpful

regards James


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all the kits sold are a one size fits all  so its just a universal kit and certainly not model specific 

you can fit it ant way you fancy  , you probably will need to drill the manifold , use a greased drill and tap to catch the swarf

as for servo position , well theres a whole multitude of ideas  over the clutch master cyl  next to the battery  

some even fitted in the boot . 

you will need a hose /threaded adaptor as thats not normally in the kit 


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My GT6 originally had a Girling servo until it couldn't be revived, now a Lockheed kit type, which I think better. Also you might like to look into Mintex 11/44 brake pads, expensive but VERY good and do improve your stopping distance.


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Those kits do seem to come in different flavours and I think Ive seen ratios of 1.65, 1.9, 2.3 and 3 however I dont know if that means the diaphragm chambers are different sizes or its all done in the hydraulic cylinder or both. Certainly for the small chassis cars the first two ratios would be sufficient in most cases as otherwise I think youd risk skidding too easily...

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most will find the ratio is changed by the diameter of the servo's hydraulic cylinder

1.9 is the general std for our cars and agree using mintex 1144 pads saves a lot of hassle 

you must bed them in firmly and some  do set up some pad clatter but yo will gain superior braking over std pads 

and dont ask about green stuff  Grrrrr !!!  easy to clean the wheels but you wont stop

the mintex are made to an historic material mix and the box will advise for track use only but if you dont read that 

you wont know  nor will anyone else .

they are a real must have to put on your wish list 



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