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That front sealing block on the 1147 engine.


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most strip due too long set screws bottoming out .and gorilla hands at work 

can be repaired by upping to a  8/10mm  metric or even a 3/8unf  

if bent for whatever reason then thats more of a challenge 

do note there are a selection of screw lengths on sumps and timing covers that need to be observed

or stripped/ bottomed out will prevail 


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They certainly distort... I checked this old original against a new steel version and there was a huge gap. No amount of refacing would cure that. The new one was a great improvement, certainly saved a lot of oil. The bolts are only supposed to be lightly tightened, not so as to distort the sump and the sealing blocks. 


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Pete, they are just wood, easy to whittle!   And no need for a fancy wedged shape, they are just short lengths of wood 'bar'!    Slightly wider than the slot and a bit longer, tap them in and the excess width is shaved off.  Excess length with a sharp chisel.

I put some hylomar in first and on the wood, but I don't think hylomar alone would do it.


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