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Vitesse Parts and Help req PLEASE LOOK


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I require a 5 3/4 sealed beam outer headlamp and a round knobed choke cable with Knob ( No wise remarks please )

Does any one know wether the sealed unit from the Dolomite will fit.

If you havent the parts I require any help on where to look or if you know anyone it would be a great help.

One more question, will the dynamo which is the 40L version be able to cope if I replaced the lights to Halogen ones.

Thanks again for any help.


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Hi 1904,


Yes the Dolomite sealed beam (from a quad-headlight car) should be a straight swap for the Vitesse.


I would suggest eBay...


I think that the as long as the wattage is the same, then the dynamo should cope.  I changed from dynamo to alternator on my Vitesse well over 20 years ago.  It's a worthwhile mod and not difficult to do.



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Should be written on them? However, maybe that has long gone! But I have never seen a sealed beam that is significantly different to a 55w halogen (in fact sealed beams are often 60w filaments)


Many people say you need relays. You don't, as the current draw is the same.

Another however. Even on std sealed beams a relay IS a good idea. It takes the load off the switchgear and will make you lights a bit brighter (less loss)

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Ran my Vitesse with halogen outers and sealed beem inners with a dynamo for years, changed to alternator when the control box packed up. Main reason for fitting halogen outers was that it went from 2 x 37.5 to 2 x 50 for the dip no change on main, think these figures are correct from memory.



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Just checked out teh c40L dynamo. Seems to have a 20A output 

On main beam with sealed or halogens, you will be using about 18A, plus 1A for rear lights. 


So bang on the limit.(once you add ignition and anything else)

Add a heater motor and you are discharging teh battery, but only very slowly. ie you have about 12-24 hours of driving in the battery. However, how often do you drive significant times/distances on main beam? And have you ever encountered any issues? I doubt it, as this is how it was factory supplied. 


Swap to an alternator and even a little 27A ACR gives you more charge, I use a baby denso 40A on one car and a uber-reliable 20 year old ford 95A one on my spit. (really ought to swap it to a small one, save a couple of KG!)

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Just fitted crystal units to the 2000 and the old main beam sealed units are 75watts


the volt drop on small chassis cars can be significant like down to 10v and Clive s right getting 14v to the front by adding a new supply and relays will make amazing improvement to the old glow worms

converted the Vit6 to halogen and (not road legal) had all 4 on dip , always passed the mot and very



some more modern bulb units may need one of the three location slots given a light opening out to locate the lense


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Hi Jane, I'm in Lancashire not to far away I hope, thanks for all the advice but I want to keep with a dynamo as the car has been built to concourse,

and so would also like to keep it to a sealed beam unit. Have found a classic motor bike place that has a 5 3/4 sealed beam with the three prongs which

where used on old triumphs, bsa ect is there any reason why I couldn't use this. 

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