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Hi all 
My spitfire mk4 diff is very noisy despite it being a recon unit, that only covered less than 3000 miles (fitted by a previous owner, from a specialist in Lincoln in 1999.)
What should I look out for when inspecting a secondhand item, or can anyone recommend a good reconditioner.


thank you

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Not easy to tell by sight/feel. You can feel the backlash in the crownwheel and pinion, it is very tiny if any, and very slight.

Do not confuse with the usual backlash in the differential part that can be quite large but is worn thrusts and unlikely to be an issue.


As to reconditioners, Mike Papworth has a very good reputation, though if it is CWP noise it may be permanent, only cure being new......

However, a good reconditioner can get the noise levels low unless badly worn or poor quality parts.

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He rebuilt my GT6 diff two years ago and it was a lovely job. 

However as Clive says he can only work with the bits that he gets, so terminal wear in the CWP can be helped by proper settings to eke out a few more years on the road, but can’t be removed completely if the parts are too badly worn. 

With regards to the preload setting I’ve seen some supposedly reconditioned ones that were almost impossible to turn by hand. 

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