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The on-line area directory


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A couple of days ago there was a chap on here who'd run out of ideas trying to fix his car. He asking if someone local to him could take a look.  From the on-line area directory I found his local TSSC met in a pub 10 miles away from him. However, double checking in the Courier's area directory, different pub, different AO, different phone number. I presume the Courier is up to date and in this case the pub is no further away. However, I imagine the poor devil checking the on-line profile and sitting in the old pub waiting for someone to turn up and in the end, walking away disillusioned.


Trawling through the on-line directory quite a few profiles haven't been filled in, no information at all. Others have incorrect information, change of pub or AO but no update. I see that AOs and other TSSC officials are the only ones allowed to update the profiles. Why is that? Why can't the AO delegate it to a their own tame computer geek?


To have no information is poor, But if it's incorrect information, we're better off without an on-line directory.

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All registered AOs have the ability to edit and write if they bother to log in the main web site and you are given admin access to the Area directory, area news, events , outings , pub crawls or whatever they want to add can all be done from the sofa ,



its unfortunate that many just dont,


as a side on the old web site before it crashed I spent a good few hours checking post codes for meeetings ,amongst many other admin needs which I could do at home but have no input to whats provided now

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Sorry Darren, I didn't mean to embarrass you. My point was it would be easy for some one to whizz through the on-line directory and correct and update it, in line with the Courier version. But currently only the AOs and TSSC executive can do it.

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For anybody interested in fixing the inconsistencies in the on-line directory, here they are! It took me 20 minutes to collate and presumably about the same to correct with the aid of the Courrier?


Andover – pub on-line but courier says TBC?

Cornwall – AO on-line but none in Courier

Cumbria - wrong AO

Lancashire - wrong AO

M25 east – no pub on-line – pub in Courier

Manchester – wrong AO

Norfolk – wrong pub

North East – wrong AO – wrong pub

North York – no pub on-line – pub in Courier

Northern Ireland – wrong AO

South Bucks – wrong AO

South York – no details, not in the Courier, still active?

Surrey – wrong AO

Sussex – wrong AO – wrong pub

Thames – wrong pub

Wessex – wrong pub

West York- wrong AO

Wirral – wrong AO

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Hello Doug.


As we are on the topic of inaccuracy.


In the TSSC Courier magazine, the Sussex (not West Sussex) Area Directory is correct with venue and contact details for the AO. However in the TSSC Area News Review the phone number shown for contact refers to the previous AO !!


I know that calls / correspondence have been undertaken on numerous occasions and yet the old (incorrect) number of 01444 still keeps getting printed. How difficult can it be for a typesetter to correct that ??


Massively so, it would appear !!


Hopefully this will be picked up by someone at HQ and the correct details can be substituted for the incorrect details.





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I have fwd the list to Bern at HQ  and Nigel  ALO   for discussion


the courier mag entries are made from the Registration forms sent in by AO's


some do change and whats in courier may not match during a change over due to print deadlines are a month in front.


others are purely not maintained by the AO logging on and keeping details up to date,  I bet theres a fair few never even log on the website or forum to  think about  the basics.   , if i can do it anyone can  


so  Doug  your work has been passed on , await the press gang 


all the best  Pete

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Richard, you're trying to confuse me again, easily done!  However, now that you mention West Sussex, I notice they don't exist in the on-line directory! :lol:


Perhaps South York moved to West Sussex? Could be, there were only 3 of us at East Berks yesterday, we were thinking of moving to the Scottish Borders if the referendum goes the wrong way!


Pete, yes I think Cornwell and Andover are fairly recent changes, well they were in the March Courier, so it's not an overlap.

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Hello Doug.


I'm certain that West Sussex have only been up & running for a couple of months; referring to an introductory article "they" made a couple of Courier issues ago.





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