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Sparks Plugs - which are best


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Roy, I used NGK BP6ES on my vitesse, was very happy.


However, they hate getting "wet" with fuel. Nick Jones rates the bosch triple electrode plugs really highly for the Triumph engines. Afraid I can't find the "code" but will have another look later.

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I have a Vitesse Mk1 (1966). However, the previous owner has replaced the engine during a complete rebuild. I note that I have NGK BPR5EY spark plugs fitted but people seem to favour NGK BP6ES - which should I be running with? - note: I don't seem to have any serious issues (maybe a bit of chugging from cold) but the plugs are producing a nice spark, are tan in colour on the electrodes and set with the standard specification gap.

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Having found a number of cars with problems using any grade suppresive plug with an R resisrive electrode

they can develope misfires as the HT on our cars is much less than more modern and the R puts a cork in the supply HT.


stick to bp6es or 5es depending on what your car should have, if and when you need replacements


the EY is the electrode amd material code , you dont really need fancy expensive plugs

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Pete is spot-on; use NGK for both my classics and would not even bother with Champion - pity but a reality.





While I agree that NGL are great plugs there is nothing wrong with Champion as long as you buy NOS. The new Champion plugs do not have the glazing on them that keeps them from fouling out. I have a 1962 stage 3 MG MIDGET MK1 that runs Champion plugs as they are the only plug that works and lasts the whole season. They are a basic copper core plug as our LBC were made to run Copper Core plugs only. If you have any doubts just call Advanced Distributors and he will concur. I buy all my Champions from your country, the UK, as the GREEN SPARK PLUG COMPANY has lots of the older style plugs. He sells all make of plugs plus a lot of other stuff too.



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