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Hello all, my names Ray, brought a Brooklands green Spitfire 1500 so thought should join this club.

Had the car about a month now, fitted a 123 distributer, new coil,  leads and plugs.

Brought a oil filter for it, but it has the wrong thread, anyone know where I can lay my hands on a 5/8 3/4 male adapter ?

Hope to see some of you out on the road :) 


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Filter adapters from the usa(listed on ebay)


I love the way people list the 3/4 filters (really common, used by ford and vw amongst many many others) suitable for our cars, but then don't sell the adapter.


If you can get one for sensible money, do it.You can then get filters anywhere, and even genuine VW ones are not silly money. Or do some research and an escort diesel one has double anti-drain valve to properly eliminate start-up rattle.

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