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Seat Squab strap lengths


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Happy new year all!


I've received my new leather covers and foam from Park Lane Classics and what fantastic covers they are! On stripping back the seats it is clear that the webbing is in need of replacement as well. I don't want to spend the £80 or so on ready made (and currently out of stock) Pirelli straps as I can buy 5m for £25-30 and make up the strap using the original hooks.


Has anyone done this and have a list of lengths of strap?


The alternative fall back position would be to make 1/4 inch shorter to fit onto the frame with some tension.









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Did the same on mh 2000 seats , you can re rivet , use small setcrews and nuts or if it has the wire staple hooks unfold and drill the webbing and refit once I mastered the staple I made a simple wooden drill jig to clamp the web or when you drill it can tangle on the drill bit


trial and error on the lengths ,if you make it too long and shorten until you get a good strong pull to insert the hooks, the webbing in the short lengths doenst stretch much , needs to be a firm effort to rehook not so tight you chase the blasted thing all round the workshop or lounge !!

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Just to complete the circle I have now finished this task.


I reused the existing staples and metal brackets - although I did buy new ones with plastic plates but as they were a different sixe I used the staples only as a backup. I got the webbing from Skiddaw Upholstry - very quick delivery. I got 6m and used 4.2m - no mistakes so 5m will be an ideal length.


The sizes were from top of seat to bottom for 38mm Pirelli webbing GT6 Mk 3 1972 Roto. Note the lengths are for the flattened loops but not stretched.


Part No.

816809 - 25cm

816810 - 28.5cm 

816801 - 31.5cm

816811 - 34.5cm

816752 - 25.5cm x 2


So a nice relaxing 4 hours and a cost of less that £30 - Job done! Saves giving other suppliers £80 plus!





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Tyraps /cable ties what ever you want to call them , wonderous things for all sorts of tidy up jobbies'  


we used hundreds down the  truck assy line , the guy on stage 1 would strap all his harness and air pipes down , the guy on stage 2 couldnt make anything connect so cut them off and added a load more then on final assy the syndrome repeated and again in rectification,  tried hard to get them all left loose till the end but  ....brits at work.

when the factory closed i bagged the main stock as we continued with warranty testing  for 10 years , when that closed i bagged the bin  and still use some 13 years on , they range from  3" to 36"   well its was better than going in the skip.



just life ramblings 


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Part of my accelerator linkage kept parting company, one loosely attached cable tie, until I can get the right captive grippy type washer, and 3 years later it's still there! :o Bodgers Rule! I've also used them on the door locking mechanism but after a couple of months I actually managed to spring out of lethargy and  source the right parts.

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I had problems with my windscreen wiper linkage moving in use. During a previous service/mot my garage tie-wrapped the wiper linkage to one of the supports on the front bulk head.  When I repainted it the other week I had to cut off the one they fitted but it was great when I fitted a new one as I found that I could vary the tension on the linkage to alter the parking position of the wipers. Not original but very very useful and simple.

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