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Vitesse rear spring/diff cover plate

Kev Makin

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Hi All,

 I have added a ¾” lowering spacer with longer studs to my Vitesse project, the standard inspection cover plate now foul’s on the studs.

Bill at ‘Rarebits’ used to sell a modified cover for this but sadly he seems to be winding down his operation. Does anyone know of another seller of a similar modified cover. Iv’e tried the usual suspects!!.


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SofS has a 1 1/2" block, and bolts.

Not my work, but a previous owner has beaten a bulge in the cover, without distorting the edges.


I've done it for other panels, and the best way is with a 'ball peen' hammer on a sand bag.   A pro will use a leather bag, but I have one made of denim!  It's the end of the leg of a pair of jeans.

Cut off about a foot, sew up one end, fill the bag with sand and sew up the other - put the sand in a plastic bag, in the denim one while you do this!

The plastic will disintegrate when you start hammering, but the denim is close weaved enough to confine the sand, as long as your sewing is close-stitched!


Good luck!


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On my Spitfire I managed to get away fitting the studs and torquing up the nuts, then cutting the studs flush with the top of the nuts. Gives just enough room for the cover to fit - but you do need to buy yourself a pair of half nuts should you ever need to remove the studs as there isn't enough stud to lock to normal nuts together on.

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