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Coventry Telegraph


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Good spot and great photos; I always think there is something very emotive about black & white photos from industrial scenes.


I reckon only a few of those chaps are still about; lifespan having worked within industry in those days was not a ticket to longevity sadly.


Would be very interesting to hear some of their stories during that period, of which we get a glimpse from time to time with interviews via The Courier.





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The "last Herald comes off the production line"?

When there is another, right behind it?


I know, because I've researched The Last Spitfire, that commemorative photos that appear, even in authoritative books, were posed, often long after the event. The Coventry Telegraph has printed pictures too, that are clearly posed, like a car with wheels on in the Trim Shop.


I have a copy of a photo, taken on the order of a production manager, not the Management, of the Last Spitfire. Compared to the Last, preserved at Gaydon, its the wrong colour, even in black and white, and its LEFT HAND DRIVE!



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But I still think it's posed, from other Triumph history.



Quite possibly, or probably. 

While a BMIHT search will provide the date any given car left the factory, time of day is going to be pretty much impossible to test.


I try and satisfy myself that the highest commission number should be the last one to begin the production process. I'm sure that even them there will be some anomalies, but at least the commission plate will be the last of it's kind ever made...




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I rescued a optical tracking gear from our    dunstable  closed down truck developement workshops when searching for TS3 Tooling, 

the units in a nice now departed wooden box had a brass tag   ' Humber experimental dept.'

in fact i have passed the unilux kit  on the Kevin our forum admin  , i wonder if he has ever used it ???  


and the redundant drawing boards rescued from our closed Luton factory are tagged as Humber engineering 151 and 161


all from the days we were part of Rootes Group many years ago 

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if you get the chance pick p a copy of the Commer Story by Geof Carverhill    he is doing a proper book on Rootes Group

and it wont be a load of press cuttings ans specifications ita all about the People


I was brought up a Rootes boy with many of the family doing over 50 years service think we totalled around 280 or family service


you cant do that these days , not saying its right but the same happened at Standard Triumph as did many of our lost industries that make the  UK 

heres a pic of my Mum at Standard around 1937


and has to be one of a TS3


mum at standard motor co 1937.pdf

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