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Indicator flasher help

Monty Rustbucket

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Hi all, just tried to fit a flasher relay to my Herald 13/60 to replace the original mechanical flasher unit.


When switched on the relay clicks on and off as it should - indicator warning light on dash flashes as it should but indicators do not flash


Swapped the wires to the opposite way round and indicators now work but dash light doesn't


It's a 3 pin flasher relay  post-56-0-11919900-1487593969_thumb.jpg


Any ideas



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That flasher is the same as one I have used (on one of my cars!)

It will do LEDs or std incandescent


However, I think you may need a tweek to the wiring, as it replaces a 2 wire flasher can, not a 3. The extra wire is the earth.


Needs a peek at the wiring diagram.

green is the +ve supply

the other 2 wires (.Green and brown, suppply up to switch, and the light green, which goes to the dash warning light) need sorting, but I don't think it is simple....


the third wire on your new flasher unit needs to be an earth. 

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IIRC - The old 3 pin Lucar units there was a live, feed to the indicators and then it earthed through the warning light on the dash. When I fitted my electronic relay (from Autosparks) it would't work that way, so I wired up with a switched live, one wire to earth and one wire to feed the indicators. To get the dash warning light to work you had to tap in to either side of the indicators, which went to either side of a capless bulb which replaced the warning light on the dash.

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I have slept on it....

Darren is correct about the warning light needing jigging. 

I solved it on my Toledo (same sort of wiring) by using a pair of 12V led's glued into the green dash lampholder. The led's then connected to the indicator bulb circuit. (other side of the indicator switch)


All to do with the type of flasher can, the originals are a bimetallic strip and modern repro ones are generally rubbish. The electronic type are excellent, fitted them to all my old cars.

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