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Vitesse oil gallery plug


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At the forward end of the block oil gallery there is an aluminium plug ( normally behind the front mounting plate)

At the rear of the block oil gallery the plug is a hex key plug. How does the forward aluminium plug come out? Do you need to unscrew it with an easy out?

I want to clean out the galleries before I re-build the block.

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Nope it's an aluminum plug about 7/16 diameter in the oil gallery. See the picture from Canleys, it just says plug oil gallery.


        If it is the same as a Spitfire it is 1/2" UNF


I do not see why a 1/2" UNF grub screw would not work with thread sealant on it?


But others may know better?





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These are disolved out when the blocks are cleaned at an engine remanufactureres such as Ivor Searle as they use a high ph alkali cleaner. They can be punched and drilled out. They are available to buy new, they come as a stick of half a dozen or so, you screw the stick in with thread sealent/Loctite and break the reat of the stick off and dress the end until it is smooth. I had to do this on the PI engine I rebuilt.http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-PS1103

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There`s one above the oil filter housing on my 2.5 which dissolved when the block was cleaned,i only realised when oil starting pumping out when cranking the new engine.


As said they come in a stick of 8 or 9,i filed two flats either side so i could get a spanner on it then sawed through  the stick once fitted and filed flat.


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