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Rear Axle. Not as shown in manual?.


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When trying to remove the rear axle I discovered that the First (lowest) spring leaf is fastened, (Stud) to the top of the diff housing. this is not shown in the Haynes manual. NOR as shown on the Canley suspension (plate1).


Can anyone throw light on this?.







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Peter what car ??

You show a 4 stud fixing with 2 blanked, so this is presumed to be a swing spring box fixing on a 6 stud diff


its not normal for any leaf to have a threaded stud but a plain spigot rivet is more normal


can you photo the spring please and its mounting box ?

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There is normally a pin in the lowest leaf that locates in a the hole in the diff top.

That you have a diff previously used in another version indicates an active DPO.

Perhaps the OE spring pin was damaged and they elected to put a stud in the diff - not difficult if you have the right tap - and use that as a pin to the hole left in the spring.


If someone has added a nut to the stud, then this must be in ignorance of what went before, or should be!


Keep the stud - it'll do a perfectly good job - but not with a nut!


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Update:- Finally got round to stripping the Spring off the car (Herald 13/60). It would appear to be a "Swing Spring", looking at the Canley Site


Looks in good condition, just needs a good clean up. Question though, The info is that replacing the front Anti Roll bar is recommended when this conversion is done. However looking at the front ARB it has original paint on it which would suggest that the A-R bar was NOT replaced. I have checked the dia (ARB) and it is 17.42mm?. Anyone know what it should be?.



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that sounds like the later  18mm dia  one and should be ok to use  

the early ones were  a skinny  1/2" dia   and bent easy.


many use a swinger on herald/vitesse . i tried one  on My Vit6 saloon and it was disaster sat too low , no load ability , horrible roll on roundabouts  and whatever you did it sat on the shocker bump rubbers so no ride quality  , just  became a rolling car with the ride of a skateboard

others have got on ok and like them  ....down to what you like 



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