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Vit mk 2 master brake cylinder plastic lid cover


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I've always wondered what the point of the plastic cover that fits over the metal lid of the master brake cylinder was. To me, it seems to serve no purpose and I've never seen a similar item fitted to any other British classic of the era. Any ideas ?

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I have one on my Mk2 as well.


Out of interest do you know if a cover was fitted to the clutch M/cylinder ?? Probably not, as slightly less important than it's next door neighbour !!





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Yes on recall I Think the top is twin walled and vents down the side of the threads


if you mend it to destruction you will find the vent


if im wrong ......you wont Ha!


but what ever the evolution it never stopped the stuff soaking up water like a sponge


trucks can hang around for ages waiting body work etc, we had to take samples and

reservoirs were often up, to 50 % moisture

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