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front hub

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flat to the bearing so the felt seal sits inside the cup recess  and the felt runs against the stub axle face  


there are some aftermarket ones that are far too big and wont sit or fit correctly,  often the oldies are better than new ones


so its stub ]---   felt ||   cup ]  bearing ><  

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Colin i had some idea they were selling TR ones for small chassis cars....all a bit over but ......... well it looks the same 


never had a TR so might be dreaming

GHS110.jpg  TR =GHS110    small chassis  use GHS 146  , Rimmers now seem to show a neoprene style of seal ??? GHS146.JPG


but double the felt price ???    were's this going      any one used them or is this just a representative image 



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new felts require a light oiling  with engine oil or ep90 whatever is handy,,  squeeze out any excess oil with fingers , 


do the castle nut up to a finger tight nip and back off one flat to get small end float  spec is 002" to 008"    the 8 will give a lot of rock at the wheel and push pads back so set the lower limit but there must be some float or you will seize the outer bearing very quickly to the stub axle and ££££S



note there are two in holes in the stub to allow finer adjustment of the nut.


with new felts recheck the float after a few miles 



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On 4/13/2017 at 0:09 PM, Paul H said:

I bought the Canleys felt ones - didnt fit , once you put pressure on them the metal folds - in the end retained old ones 



Same problem I've had for too many years for this not to be sorted out by now. I end up reusing the old metal cups and gluing the new felt into them.

(Just realised I posted the same thing on April 12th.. ah well, memory like a goldfish.)


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