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Temp hose repair


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Unless you strap something over it it wont hold the pressure,

okmwith the rad cap loosened to de pressure ,


maybe gaffer/duct tape it a better bodge, or much wrapping with elctricials pvc tape


loads of wild ideas , but ......why it this needed



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Many hoses can be replaced by straight, off he reel heater hose (ie the 1/2" parts) The rad hoses are easy to replace, and some people carry spares. I carry a few bends, some straight bit sand some joiners, all pretty straightforward.


Re the heater hose,somewhere I have a couple of special stainless "springs" that fit inside a hose and stop it collapsing when bent, really handy!


Otherwise as Pete says, gaffa tape and removing the cap can usually get you home....

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Our holidays are a bit budget and involve camping in UK, so always carry a few tools and few spares (to hopefully avoid a tow  back home). It was just an idea along with the JB Weld that is still a bodge on the top chamber of rad from 3 years ago.


On the subject of pressure. My cooling system had none. It has the short reach cap that wasn't sealing I put in about a 4mm thick large washer with large hole and thin rubber washer to seal, (is this ok ?).


System now has pressure, though doesn't appear to run any cooler by the gauge (when idling in traffic jams on very hot days). I thought it would a bit.


Cheers, Dave

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You can use self amalgamating tape It's waterproof and as it's name suggests binds to itself Really odd but wonderful stuff


You would obviously have to wrap it multiple times around the pipe




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