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Car ramps (for Vitesse)


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Hello Dave.


Are you driving the rear wheels up on to the ramps or the front ??


I have never had an issue with ramps moving forward when driving up on to them in the garage which has a concrete floor.


One tip you can try and it does work is to place rubber mats under the base / feet of the ramps; they will stop the ramps moving along the floor.


Hope that assists ??


Good luck.



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If car on street, how is it that you have enough room to use ramps?

At least half a car length needed, so you can drive up onto them.


Suggest invest in a jack!

Plus axle stands, unless you use the ramps as stands.

And no need for extra space.


If you must persist with ramps, may I respectfully suggest that modifying them with carpet, rubber mats etc is a dangerous bodge?

Working under a car is hazardous - and Triumpheros are an endangered species!



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