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Herald 13/60 doors?

Eddy Matthews

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Hi All,


I'm seriously thinking of buying a 13/60 convertible (1969 vintage), it's in really good condition apart from the doors. I've looked at all the normal suppliers and no-one seems to do complete doors at the moment, just door skins.


So does anyone know of a source for complete doors, or have any good used ones they would like to sell?




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td fitchetts sell complete door assy at £385 ea.    p no.  902256/7  see ad in courier 

they not shown in tdf online .


whats wrong with the doors you can rebuild the bottom of the carcass quite easy and we used marine epoxy on the odd perforations in the  skin with a plate behind it lasted years 



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There's nothing wrong with reskinning, if done properly. Repair and reskin is going to be far cheaper than new doors. I would only go for new if the old ones are beyond help.  My doors were reskinned 20 years ago, they still look fine and show no sign of deterioration.

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