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Vitesse Mk2 with stupidly loud exhaust !


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Hi Guys


Newbie here!


Have just ventured into the scary world of classic cars, by buying  a lovely looking Mk 2 vitesse convertible .


Am loving the car with the exception of the overly loud exhaust system


would appreciate some advice here, apparently its a stainless system (except down pipe)  into a centre box , then into two rear boxes .


Lovely rasp at tickover but does my head in on a decent drive !


What are my options and costs pls ??


Be gentle with me !

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Try the Canley Classics  exhaust. I had one for years and very happy with it. Better flow than most "standard" exhausts, better look and certainly sensible sound on long journeys (I was doing 10K a year in it at one point, and was always my everyday car used for commuting/holidays etc)

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My exhaust has given out, it's a 40 year old stainless. The stainless is OK but the welds are leaking. So, I've been assessing replacements. Your system has two separate rear boxes and is the "wheel barrow" full sport, TOO loud! There is a semi sport, which I think sounds lovely, idling, but also a pain on longer drives. So, standard for me!

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I changed from a wheel-barrow set up to a TSSC shop standard system and was very happy with the peaceful result! One thing to be aware of is that the centre pipe on some of the sports set ups is longer than on the standard and consequently you may find as I did that you're left with a 6 inch gap between the front of the centre section on the new system and the down pipe which has been shortened to suit! You may need to invest in a new down pipe too.



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