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Throttle cable bracket


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was yours orig with strombergs or have they been fitted to replace the solex 's 

mine  Vit6 was a rod throttle which was simply converted to raise a lever on the rear carb  when we converted her.

if you have a cable throttle it could be from much later and made to suit 

sorry dont have a photo of the cable or rod set up


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Hi Pete it's a 67 vitesse 6 so I'd think it was Strombergs from new. It has a throttle cable. I wonder if the engine and manifold was changed out and the new one didn't have threads for the bracket as the new one is a real Heath Robinson assembly!

looks like it's time to go on a bracket hunt or dig the files out to make a new one....

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The GT6 of the same era had the rod operation and twin Strombergs... however I know the late Vitesse 2.0 litre had the cable setup with the bracket shown in the picture.

If all else fails, you can adapt a Herald 1200 version which is very common. Another very similar bracket is the accelerator pedal bracket (part 2 in the picture), available new from manufacturers - worth a try if nothing else turns up.




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