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Manual Washer Jets and Non-return Valves


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When I bought my herald it had an aftermarket electric washer pump fitted, which promptly fell off the bulkhead as both of the plastic mounting brackets had cracked, so the aim has always been to replace it with a proper mandraulic pump as would have been fitted originally.

Having baulked at the cost of the pump that Rimmers sell, I went for the cheaper option from Paddocks which looks like it should do exactly the same job.

I also ordered a non-return valve to go in the washer bottle as the original one in the car has long since lost its ball bearing, however having assembled everything, I can't get this ensemble to actually work.

Here it is set up for testing in my home lab(read kitchen).


The white item on the end of the tubing is a non-return valve, and the tubes are set up with the feed from the washer bottle going to the feed marked 'J', for jar I assume on the back of the pump, and the other feed to the washers themselves attached to the 'S', for screen, feed.

The non-return valve does allow me to suck through it, but not blow, so appears to be working, however it does not allow the pump to draw water through it.

So firstly, have I actually got this set up correctly? I have tried assembling it all the other way around to no avail.

Secondly, if so is the pump just not man enough to overcome the non-return valve?

Has anyone else experienced similar issues, and if so how did you resolve it?



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Karl. I converted my pump action wash/wipe switch to an electric pump using the original unit which had a broken pipe connector. Got through the mot with it and I am just in the process of literally road testing it before I post the instructions on my forum page. When I do, I will flag the heading so you can spot it and see if you can adapt it to yours

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When the car was on the road before I had an electric pump with a separate push button to operate. I always forgot to mention it to the MOT tester who promptly failed it. That's why I started on the conversion of the original push pump to electric.  Appears to be working well at the moment, but the wiper switch has given up. Probably a loose connection but will investigate later. If the whole unit fails... back to the drawing board.

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