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Brake lights


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Probably the brake light switch, take the 2 cables off the switch and touch them together, if the lights come on then you've got your answer. If they don't come on check that you have 12v at the switch, if you don't have 12v you'll need to trace it back to find why not, if you do then the you'll need to check cables going to the rear, there are bullet connectors in the boot area that may be causing a problem.

If it is the switch don't waste your money on the cheap plastic ones most of the traders sell, the TSSC Club Shop sell a decent alternative, mine is off some euro box but does the job.


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yes the mix and match hopless bulb holders are a common nightmare of mixed earths and wrong bulbs in wrong holders all swapped about over the years,  

often twin filament holders found on single filament bulbs and visa versa and as doug says the mix and match earthing by wire or by the claw is 

just another mix of trouble


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... and if all listed above fails, check the the spade connectors on the wires are actually making contact with the copper in the wires, not just the insulation - that was my solution. This very problem was what started me on this most excellant forum with its great wealth of knowledge and experience. Do a forum search on tail brake lights.

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