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Door seal flange at top of door

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The gap between the seal flange and the door is parallel and about 3/4” all around until you get to the top (front and rear) of the door, where the plastic covering is/should be, here it is much closer. Is this correct? Can anyone post some pictures, maybe with a rule across the gaps too? Is there more than one type of seal (size) to the door seals? Apart from the strip on the rear of the screen pillar. 

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There are many door seals sold that have a far fatter section than originals,  many originals were a curved lip seal not a balloon tube section

I dont know about gt6 its not unusual for the seal flange gap to vary getting tight at the waist b post

Luckily you dont getbtub spread (as far as ive seen ) on a gt6 like you can on a herald vitesse so that shouldnt happen

Good place for seals is    


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