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Heater Control Valve - Vitesse Mk2

Paul H

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Hi reassembling heater unit after fitting Nissan Micra blower motor and misplaced the O ring which secures the control valve to the heater matrix - Any idea where I can source one ?

Also there is a lot of crud in the control valve - can this be dissolved ?


Here's a pic of the Nissan Micra Blower motor in situ -  There is an open vertical pipe on the motor , not sure what its for but just in case anything fell in fitted some plastic piping to prevent me dropping small bits n bobs in - Got the T shirt - The difference in air out put is significant 


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I have done the heater fan upgrade and stripped and re sprayed the box in satin black.

Ive put it back together but can't work out why I only have one hole to bolt the heater valve to the box?

the flange has two holes, I must be missing something :( 

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