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Smith's heater

Chris A

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Hi everyone

I've looked in the manuals I've got but can't find any information about the power consumption of a Smith's heater fan

Do any of you know its consumption and what fuse would be correct for it.

Second incidental question, why does it take its positive feed via the stabilizer and not from "raw" battery power?


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Hi , my best guess is that you would be covered by a 10amp fuse - I upgraded mine to a Nissan blower and that needed a 15 amp fuse which i connected to direct feed together with a relay 

Hope this helps 


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I seem to remember mine taking about 5A, so I'd go along with Paul's 10A fuse suggestion.  It's probably taking its positive feed from the input to the stabiliser rather than the output, so it is "raw" battery power.


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Paul & Dave 13/60 :

Thanks for the replies.

I looked at the wiring diagram again - this time with my glasses on - :rolleyes: You are right the power is from the input side hence "raw" battery power, which is what I would have expected.

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