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historic vehicle V vehicle of historic interest


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ok people,

this may be the most stupid question ever asked but...... my 72 gt6 is registered as a "historic vehicle" rather than a "vehicle of historic interest" VHI.

is there any difference in the eyes of the DVLA or should i get it changed?


cheers paul

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Err, sorry Anglefire, that's not true. The two classifications are quite different.

"Historic Vehicle" is a taxation class applicable to cars manufactured before 1st January 40 years back. It means you don't have to pay for your road tax. Your V5 should state this taxation class in the relevant box.

"Vehicle of Historic Interest" is not related to tax and has slightly different rules - the date cut-off is April and there's an additional "not significantly modified" rule. This gets you exemption from MOT testing. It will not appear on the V5.

An unmolested 1972 GT6 will qualify for both.

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Being a pedant, the V5 will also show your car as Historic Vehicle or not. It won''t show it as a VHI as that has nothing to do with its registration. AFAIK and based on my V5 which I declared it as VHI when it became 40years old.

But I get the difference based on your comments!

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