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Herald Vitesse


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the starter is monted on the rear plate   6 pot is on the O/S  and 4 pots on the N/S  the bell housing is therefore very different  as is the stand off the herald hsg is very shallow  the hsg on a 6 pot is very deep , the input shafts  on the gearboxes  are very different in length and spline diameter for the clutch disc

the base box is fully interchangeable if you swap the input shafts about , providing they are the same ratio and tooth profile 


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Hmm, all is not as clear as it seems.

The other day I saw on a FB spitfire page a thingy about putting a 6 cylinder engine into a spitfire. An American chap had put a 6 pot in his spitfire, and used the spitfire gearbox. Oddly he hadn't swapped engine backplate, but cut a chunk out of the spitfire bellhousing. He seemed to have got it all working.....

Now, from that and the general way it was written, it seems likely he hadn't used a machine shop at all. So I am indeed wondering if you CAN use a 6 pot flywheel on a 4 pot engine. And in that case the clutch. The starter etc is all the same so that isn't an issue. The only thing is that I assume somebody would have already tried it and one of us would have known.....but then again every day is indeed a skoolday.

DAve, spot on. But if you have the skills you CAN cut/machine and weld the spitfire splined section onto a vitesse input shaft. Not for the inexperienced (friend did that, 98k later all still good)

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It all started with a local spit with sheared teeth on the cluster, I had a 6 pot cluster and the mix and match of internals 

was a economical repair ....when you look at the cost of a new one 

There was i believe some tooth profile changes changes , but dont know when or without a master gear even tell 

Guess If it makes a whine its  the wrong set


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