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Britax folding sunroof visor 60's/70s.


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I'm not sure whether it was an extra. My GT6 used to have one (before the sunroof disintegrated) but my first Vitesse didn't. However, they were different makes of sunroof and I don't think either were Webasto.

I didn't find the visor to be particularly useful on the GT6 but then the sunroof was too short to be really useful. The current "temporary" removable panel makes for a good sized aperture when it's out - no folding bits blocking the back half up.

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many  more modern and older fold back sun roofs create buffeting they used to be a plastic  external deflector attached to the roof  simimilar to the ones you can get for side window anti buffeting created by modern aerodynamics so you can drive with the windows ....OPEN

heres a roof one on ebay


as far as aware triumph used webasto and britax as suppleiers   of the fold backs 


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Hi I'm new from today to this type of forum buy I have a 1965 herald 12/50 model that requires a fair bit of restoring including the skylight folding / sliding roof. I have the old one but it was already removed from the car as it's in such a poor state, is there anyone who has one for sale or even any images or videos so I can actually see how it's meant to look with the mechanism intact ? Appreciate any info recieved

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5 hours ago, daverclasper said:

I thought only Britax were fitted to triumph's?

I don't think it's as simple as that. Quite possibly the Herald 12/50 was always Britax but a lot of Triumphs got sunroofs fitted at the dealer rather than the factory, and it would depend on local availability. The one in my GT6 was neither Britax nor Webasto (I think it was Jack Kent?)

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