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Hi new to the forum.

currently restoring a 1970 13/60 Herald convertible most of the welding is finished floor pans and the usual rot spots!

The project came to a stop because of health issues but thankfully I'm on the road to recovery and started doing some light jobs, cleaning parts ready for the re build.

I have the bonnet, boot and doors all painted in top coat and will finish the rest when I up to full fitness, my goal is to have it done for Spring next year, I said that last year lol.

I need some advice and hopefully you guys can help.

attached a couple of photos.





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2 minutes ago, Ian Faulds said:

Love it. What's say gear are you using? 

De Vilbiss starting line gravity fed gun and 2 k paint, the colour is mimosa yellow, not standard for the herald but I like it and think it will look good with a new black hood and alloy mini lights. 

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