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Carpet Choices

Darren Groves

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Hello Darren,

Just looked at their last six months of feedback and all buyers seem pleased with the Spitfire and MGB carpet sets and associated interior fabrics.

Moulded carpets are easier to fit, but at less than a ton with free p&p it is worth a shout - you do have an eBay recourse if not up to scratch. UK company as well so adds another positive point.

Tempting, I must say.



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Even better value if you wait for an ebay site wide discount day. Sadly they just had a 10% off day and a 15% off day last week. If you are in no hurry, check every day and bag a good extra discount. As for Richard's excitement over loop pile carpet, I have found that cut pile  is much better. It doesn't unravel if you pull a thread and it doesn't hold twigs, hairpins etc in the pile loop making vacuuming easier (for those that do that sort of thing!).

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Hi Sorry  to voice my opinion.  I bought a new carpet set from the club shop for the following reasons.

  • Only six pieces 
  • So easy to fit
  • Molded to the exact shape of the car especially the awkward  transmission tunnel area.
  • Top Quality
  • Now fitted and it looks superb 
  • always support our club shop where possible  
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Darren. Let us know what you think of the quality and ease of fitting.   Might put a set on my birthday list. My last set are over 30 years old. I think they came from John Kippings so that dates them. Not been a bad set, now looking past their best espescially after power washing them., the muck that came out!!!

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