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New knob


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Sorry couldnt resist the title as have just fitted one of these to my Vitesse for 7 quid. I find it a big improvement at 51mm in diameter cos its so much easier to grip and avoid poor changes. I know the purists probably wont like it (even I might do something about the number of speeds shown) but I think anything that gives my gearbox an easier life is a good idea...


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Ooo er Mrs!

I got a nice wooden one from the club shop. A friend tells me replacements can be hollow and amplify vibration from the gearbox, but I can't say I've noticed.

You can get plastic Triumph decals that might fit in place of the existing one.







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Wish it gave me 6 gears!

I had a wooden one before but as I say it was quite small where as now Ive got a big one and its a much better fit in my hand (perhaps I shouldnt have started this thread).

The top of the new one is curved so wouldnt take anything stuck onto it and if I try levering it off I might ruin the whole thing..... 

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