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J Type Overdrive Angle Drive.

Mark B

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Hi all

Is the short piece of cable on the angle drive that locates into the gearbox square or elliptical on a J Type  Overdrive gearbox? 

This is an uprated J type gearbox built for the Vitesse. I found an angle drive but not sure which car it originated from. The reason I ask is I know the later Spitfires had a different shaped cable drive from the Speedo than earlier cars, and this angle drive has a square drive for the output and input. The square cable will go into the gearbox, so is probably correct, but could probably get an elipticel cable into the gearbox as well, but not tried so thought I would ask first.




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Hi Mark,

If I recall correctly - it's a square shaped cable on the angle drive. I have an uprated J type gearbox fitted to my Vitesse also. As regards ftting the J type box into the chassis - I found that the angle drive round end cover plate just fouled the top inner flange on the chassis rail, which required a small notch to be cut in the flange to accommodate it and allow slight movement under engine/transmission loads.


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I echo Clive , and the  Smiths  angle drive was used universally  across many marques and models , square drive is the only  way

And the eliptic cable ends also fit and drive from the square drive as they sort of fit diagonally 

Dont forget the 7/16"spacer washer between the  angle and gearbox output. 

Quick search of  angle drive on places like rimmer bros gives a long list of users



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