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Passenger Door Lock


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Hi all,

I have a Spitfire mk1 and unfortunately the passenger door does not lock. It seems to be missing the locking latch on the mechanism. The exterior door handle doesn't have a lock barrel but there is a hole on the interior trim that lines up with the mechanism...

Does anybody know where I can buy/find a new locking mechanism or interior lock that locks the passenger door from the inside?


Thanks in advance,


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Good morning Tux,

My Mk2 has the same twisty door handles and the passenger door does not lock on mine either. I presume it must have done originally but the lock mechanism in the door is unobtainable, and has been for many years. I say it must have locked originally as the drivers side locks from the inside by turning the lever the other way. However, I have always worked on the principle that it is better to leave the doors unlocked; if somebody wants to get into your car they will. The twisty door handles give way and break under a moderate leaning-on and they are unobtainable too. Or the hood just unclips or can be easily slashed. Perhaps better to make sure that there is nothing valuable in the car and that it can't be driven away easily. I use one of the Diskloc steering wheel covers and one that goes over the handbrake (so that some oik cannot let the handbrake off and roll the car down the hill, not that anybody can work out how to release the 'fly off' handbrake) I also have a fuel tap in the boot. 

BTW, I'm also 6'4" (or at least I used to be) but after 34 years of driving my Spitfire I'm not sure that my spine fully straightens anymore.

Can we see some more pictures of your gorgeous car?


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I agree with Adrian. My doors have never locked and there seems little point going through the hell of skinned knuckles etc especially with the dreadful lock/linkage design of Mk IV Spitfire doors. Just make sure the car is as secure as you can. There is much advice over the threads on here. You just have to search. The majority of us favour (in no particular order) : battery dis-car-nect unit, ignition imobilisers, bonnet locks, steering wheel/gear stick locks (in my case the gear stick lock fits on upside down), fuel shut off tap, full alarm. If you fit all of them, don't be surprised if it then  won't start for you as you will have forgotten one of them!!!

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Thanks guys, guess I'll have accept I'm not getting a new mechanism. It's a shame as the hole in the trim is quite ugly but there's ways around that. Thankfully I have bonnet locks already so might get a battery disconnect switch and handbrake lock and then I should be fine 🤞

Or I might be able to make something up. If anybody has any drawings of the early lock mechanism it would make it much easier :)

I'll try and get her out this week and take some more photos of the ol' girl.


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